Monday, February 14, 2011

progress photos

So the title says it all!!

Took some progress shots today and I can finally see some change ;)
My food has been cut back bit too this week so I am hoping in about 4 weeks there will be some BETTER improvements.

I was starving today and anyone who has competed before knows that sometimes its hard to tell if its a psychological or physiological thing?? you just gotta grin and bear it!!

Here are the shots...embarrassing much!! owell, lol

First shot 6 weeks ago

 Most recent
Long way to go....... looooong way to go, but happy none the less :)


Tara said...

That is great progress so far T!! you're still a unit! keep up the great work xx

T-Girl said...

Thanks so much Tara!! I'll be up in Brissi in march, we all should catch up! Xo