Saturday, February 19, 2011

90 days out!

Finally got under the 80kg mark, lordy that was BS!! but I have lost 6.8kg's in 7 weeks tomorrow. I will NEVER have 3 months off AGAIN!

I have been asked a few questions so here goes.

I have been Body shaping/building for roughly 31/2 years, before that I was an endurance athlete and competed in half marathons etc, so muscles were not really that important or that appealing to me.

Genetically I think I am lucky, although I have worked BLOODY hard I do have the ability to gain decent muscle.

Genetics are a BIG factor although you can drastically change your shape through CONSISTENT weight training. Its such a big myth that you will get huge, and even though this is coming to light people still dont realise how impossible it is for women to gain allot if muscle without the aid of drugs.

Allot of people assume because they see pictures of you onstage that you walking around looking like that...its not possible, the posing alone makes you look like a different person. When competing you cannot underestimate the importants of posing, as ridiculous as hearing "front double bicep...and strike" may sound...if your a shit poser and you cannot manipulate you body into its best shape without a mirror, forget it... you may be lean and have a great shape, but if you cant show it off properly the judges wont really look at you.

People also assume that you get HUGE...SOOOOOOO not that case, you get TINY! really TINY you would be very surprised! any hoo on that note Ill leave you with my favourite chickas

top- erin stern
bottom - maggie duibaldo - the woman who inspired me 3 years ago- check out her pics on her website! beautiful!

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