Saturday, April 9, 2011

Thinking to much!

So I have been doing allot of thinking lately, and it has actually not been a bad thing. In my minds eye I can clearly see what I want to become, to achieve. I look in the mirror and I do not see it yet.

Taking emotion out of the equation I know in my heart of hearts that in 7 weeks I still will not be there. So, do I continue on and compete knowing that I am not at my best?? but at what point do you stop and go hell for leather anyway and just see where you end up?

I have come a long way in 8 years and I still have a long way to go, I am learning to be patient, and I know that if I do the work and stick to the plan I will be rewarded. Its just a matter of time.

I have a great coach, in fact I have had a few people in my past who have see something that I have not for a long time. But you know what, I can finally say that I do see it...that's why I cannot give up.

I'm not suggesting that I am a future world champion or anything like that, but I have potential, so does everybody. I'm just ready to grab a hold and see where it takes me. I'm on a winner here, my mindset (although somewhat distracted at times in the past) is coming to the party and I am ready to do the work. EVEN if it takes me another few months or years.

In summary...

It doesn't matter anymore if my progress photos show a body that isn't where it should be, or if the scales don't come down in the appropriate increments, I'm not going to think I cannot make it, I don't want to be told I cannot make it because it doesn't matter, I know I'm going to get there. Failure cannot handle persistence...I have a coach that is pretty cool, clients that have my back, a lovely family and somewhat balanced anyway ;)

that's enough motivational emotional crap, I'm off to eat! have a great week and just takes one person to believe in you unconditionally. Be someones one person :)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Its official, Im a really CRAPPY blogger!

lol, I know its been a while since I have been on here, but I have been busy!! lots going on at the moment.

This Saturday See's me 8 weeks out from my comp. Thats if my White African boomba butt comes to the party.

Coach says I would still be "good enough" to get up there, but honestly...who wants to be just good enough?? So I'm busting nuts to to see how I am looking at five weeks out. If I'm not happy, I will not be getting up there. Ill wait to when I become what I see in my minds eye.

Honestly I spent so much time worrying about everyone else, and what they would think If pulled out...but I can to a great conclusion......fuck em! lol.

I will be on stage this year, there is no doubt about that, cause I'm close now. But when..... so the next four weeks See's me going crazy on the stepper...sprinting...pretty much doing what I can to get where I need to be.

Here is a current progress pic :) on that not, Im off to cardio it up!!