Sunday, February 27, 2011

82 days...but who's counting...

ME. lol

this week brings me 12 weeks out from comp and Im a little apprehensive. I am in simular condition that I was in at 12 weeks out last time I competed, which is not good enough.

Coach says now Im a little under the pump, which is ok. Im just taking it a day at a time. Its so important to keep positive. So thats exactly what I m doing!

Cardio intensity has been increased...this morning I was doing stair sprints and pushed myself so hard I was nearly sick. Then is was off to the gym and a little more stepper!

Im not having any more free meals from now on, which will help me stay more focused. I really wannt present something different on stage this year, and I will ;)

I start carb cycling next week and boy am I ready for a slight change in diet, broccoli has been making me gag!

I will post some pics in a week so u guys can have a peek at the progress :)

till next time,


Anonymous said...

Broccoli makes me gag at the best of times, let alone if it featured on my plate as often as it does on yours! Keep up the posts, they make for fascinating reading and are so inspirational!

rachel. said...

Hey Tiarna. Enjoying reading about your journey!! Hey reckon u could tell me bit about what is involved in carb cycling?...just interested!!
Cheers, Rachel.:o)

T-Girl said...

Thanks ANON, lol. So now i know you didnt eat your greens hey??? your naughty! xo

Hi Rachel! here is a good link to check out. This site will be good motivation for you. xo