Monday, February 28, 2011

12 week out comparison shots

12 weeks out 2009

                                                                 12 weeks out 2010

So there is quite an amount of growth in this time frame but as you can see condition wise, I am pretty much on par. Which is crap, so I need to get my conditioning spot onski's!

Ha ha Ari in the background looks like a stung mullet, poor kid...not thee best view for her from behind, lol.

Off  to Qld on Thursday morning for a whole week of awesome training and time with my gorgeous two sisters!! excited MUCH!!

Then its off to Melbourne for the FITX exhibition. Busy, busy!!

My Fabulous coach has organised me tickets to prejuding for the figure international and he is the host for my FAV athlete Erin Stern..... he's gunna get an autograph for me... o yeahhh!  he will have a terribly hard time looking after her Im sure.

Till next time,



Lisa Pritchard said...

Your muscles are bigger this time around!!! Obviously your hard work, dedication and sacrafices are paying off. You are looking fantastic. Keep your eye on your goal and go for it. Keep your posts reading on how you are doing. You are a true inspiration!!! Lisa P x

T-Girl said...

Thankyou so much Lisa, you always back me up. Your support means allot to me. Xo